Branches – Meetings and Venues

The RVAHJ has Metro and Regional Branches to support its members and offer a range of services and fellowship for honorary justices in in Victoria

All branches welcome Honorary Justices and extend a warm invitation to attend a meeting, join the branch and play a larger part in the life of the community.

To find out more about RVAHJ, being a member and details of the Branch nearest to you contact our office by:
Email: or Phone: (03) 9525 7099

Metropolitan Branches

City & Northern
Diamond Valley – visit web page
Dandenong – visit web page 
Glen Waverley
Mornington Peninsula
Westgate Group – visit web page

Country & Regional Branches

Ballarat – visit web page
Buloke – visit web page
Central Gippsland Group
South Gippsland Group
South West
Sunraysia – visit web page
Swan Hill – visit web page
Upper Murray
Wimmera – visit web page
Yarra Valley

RVAHJ Headquarters

Royal Victorian Association of Honorary Justices PO Box 317, Elwood 3184 53 Broadway, Elwood, 3184 Email: Phone: (03) 9525 7099 Fax: (03) 9525 7765

Dandenong Branch

RVAHJ Dandenong Branch

Diamond Valley

RVAHJ Diamond Valley Branch

Glen Waverley

RVAHJ Glen Waverley Branch

Maroondah Branch

RVAHJ Maroondah Branch

Monash Branch

RVAHJ Monash Branch

Mornington Peninsula

RVAHJ Mornington Peninsula Branch

Sunbury & District Branch

RVAHJ Sunbury & Districts Branch

Westgate Branch

RVAHJ Westgate Branch

Wyndham Branch

RVAHJ Whyndham Branch

Ballarat Branch

RVAHJ Ballarat Branch

Benalla Branch

RVAHJ Benella Branch

Bendigo Branch

RVAHJ Bendigo Branch

Buloke Branch

RVAHJ Buloke Branch

Central Gippsland

RVAHJ Central Gippsland Branch

Geelong Branch

RVAHJ Geelong Branch

North East Victoria Branch

RVAHJ North East Victoria Branch

South Gippsland Branch

RVAHJ South Gippsland Branch

South West Branch

RVAHJ South West Branch

Sunraysia Branch

RVAHJ Sunraysia Branch

Upper Murray Branch

RVAHJ Upper Murray Branch

Wellington Branch

RVAHJ Wellington Branch

Wimmera Branch

RVAHJ Wimmera Branch

Yarra Valley Branch

RVAHJ Yarra Valley Branch

Branch Constitution



RVAHJ Branches provide a local forum for Association members to meet and discuss issues of interest, conduct training sessions and related activities. It must be noted that RVAHJ Branches are established under the auspices of the Association remain an integral part of the Association.


1. Where the Board is satisfied that it is desirable that an RVAHJ Branch for members of the Association be formed in a defined area in Victoria the Board will establish such a Branch in that area.

2. The objects for which an RVAHJ Branch will be established are: —

a) To hold meetings of members of the Association at a branch level to meet and discuss matters of mutual interest to the members of that Branch.
b) To promote friendship and social networking among Honorary Justices; and
c) Generally, to support and assist the Board in carrying out the objects for which the Association was established.
d) To assist in the ongoing education and training of Honorary Justices to provide a professional resource for the community and
e) To assist in (d) above the branch may arrange for Lectures, Addresses, and Study Courses on subjects related to the powers and duties of Honorary Justices, and by these and other means approved by the Board, instruct and assist the members of the Branch in the proper exercise of the powers and the proper performance of the duties for which they were appointed.
f) Promote the reputation and good works of the association and its membership
g) Provide the board with such information and knowledge needed to assist in upholding of the good name and image of all honorary justices and the association

3. Each Branch shall be known by the name approved by the Board.


4. Eligibility

a) The persons eligible for membership of a Branch shall be only those who are financial members of the Royal Victorian Association of Honorary Justices (Ordinary, Associate or Life). Branch membership bestows rights to vote at meetings of the Branch and the right to hold Branch office.
b) Attendance at Branch meetings is open to all financial members of the RVAHJ. Branch members may be joined at all meetings with their spouse and immediate family members as guests.
c) Honorary Justices who are not members of the Association or not a current financial member of the Association may attend one meeting per annum as a guest, and one meeting per annum as a prospective member. The attendance and the category of attendance shall be recorded in the records of the meeting
d) Honorary Justices who are financial members of the association and are also members of another honorary justice association or like group shall have no entitlement to branch membership or attendance at a branch. Attendance of this type of member, as foreseen in sub section 4c above, shall be only at the discretion of the Chairman and in no case shall extend into more than one branch financial year.
e) All financial members eligible for membership of a branch, may belong to more than one branch, but may only stand for and hold office in one branch.

5. The Branch annual membership subscription shall be due and payable at the beginning of each financial year, and shall be such sum as is fixed from time to time at an Annual Meeting of the Branch. Subscriptions should be set only as high as required to offset the costs of postage and administration.


6. Subject to the Association’s Constitution, directions of the Board of directors and this By-Law, the affairs of the Branch shall be managed and controlled by a Branch Executive Committee consisting of no less than three financial members and no more than six financial members of the association. Apart from the Chairman of the Branch, all other positions may be combined into one or more roles that normally name a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer and other members to make a maximum executive committee of six members. All positions shall be elected annually from members of the Branch by full financial members of the Branch personally present and voting at an Annual Meeting of the Branch. At such an election all retiring members shall be eligible for re-election. The Branch Executive Committee when duly elected shall continue in office until a new Branch Executive Committee is duly elected according to the rules.

7. Any casual vacancy occurring in the Branch Executive Committee may be filled by the said Committee and, in the temporary absence of the Branch Secretary or the Branch Treasurer, the said Committee may appoint one of its own members to act in his/her place. A member elected to fill a casual vacancy shall be elected for the remainder of the term of the member whose place he/she fills.

8. The Branch Executive Committee may regulate it’s own proceedings, and shall meet at such times as it considers desirable. The Branch Executive Committee shall fix its own quorum.

9. The Board of the Association may remove any office bearer of any Branch from the Branch position they hold, subject to a two-thirds majority of the Board.


10. Banking All monies received on behalf of the Branch shall be paid into an account to be opened at a Bank approved by the Board of the Association and Branch Executive Committee in the name of the RVAHJ Branch and, from such account, the Branch Treasurer shall pay all expenses approved by the Branch Executive Committee.

a) The Branch bank account shall be operated with two signatures one of whom must be the chairman and any one other member of the branch executive committee who are registered signatories.
b) The signatories will always be the current chairman and such current members of the executive as the branch executive decides upon.
c) On the change of Branch positions, resignation or removal the outgoing signatories shall be replaced with the incoming executive members.
d) All branch account names shall have the RVAHJ as the first word followed by the authorised branch name finalized with the designation branch unless contained within the branch name.

11. The Branch Treasurer shall keep such books of account as the Branch Executive Committee directs, and shall furnish to the Branch Executive Committee such statements of accounts and such information as to payment of membership subscriptions and other financial matters as it requires.

12. At the close of each branch financial year the Branch Treasurer shall submit to the next ensuing Annual Meeting of the Branch a Statement of Accounts. A copy of the Statement of Accounts shall be forwarded to the Company Secretary of the Association when approved by the Branch Annual Meeting.


13. There shall be kept a Register of Members in a form approved by the Board and a list of all members shall be forwarded to the Company Secretary annually or when requested. There shall be a record kept of each meeting that will note the location and times of the meeting, those present both members and guests and provide a brief account of the business of the meeting as well as any decisions or actions contemplated or taken. Such a record shall be forwarded to the board for adoption and incorporation into the associations’ historic record. All meetings of the Branch shall be notified to the Secretary of the Association prior to holding them. The notification may be through means of an agenda or meeting notice in order that they are deemed an authorised meeting


14. Branch General Meetings shall be held during the year as agreed upon at an Annual Meeting to be held in last quarter of the calendar year and prior to December 15th or as directed by the Board of the Association provided that the Branch Executive Committee may, if considered advisable, convene a General Meeting of the Branch at any other time either in addition to or in place of any such meetings. Reasonable notice shall be given of all meetings.

15. No business shall be transacted at any Branch General Meeting unless a quorum previously agreed upon at an Annual Meeting is present.

16. The Chairman, or in his/her absence the Vice-Chairman, shall preside at all meetings of the Branch. If the Chairman and Vice Chairman are absent those present shall elect a Chairman of the Meeting.

17. At all meetings of the Branch all questions, disputes, motions and amendments shall be decided by a majority of full financial members of the Branch personally present and voting, unless the Chairman rules that the matter is beyond the scope of the Branch, or should be referred to the Board for decision. The method of voting shall be by show of hands unless two financial members or the Chairman, before putting the question, requires the voting to be by secret ballot. In the event of an equality of votes the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.


18. Branches shall refrain from writing to ministers, heads of department and other senior state officials unless authorised by the board of the association. Matters a branch considers warrant such action should be more properly communicated to the Board for its action or response. Communication to local MPs and regional police commanders and the like may from time to time be appropriate for branches, but should be authorised by the Board. This rule does not apply to social or speaking engagements and is primarily directed at policy and the need to remain and be seen as an apolitical organization with a unified voice from an elected board on behalf of all members. The Association’s logo may be used on Branch letterhead, noting the branch name, but should not be used for any other purpose without board approval.


19. Every existing Branch established with the approval of the Board before the making of this By-Law shall be subject to this By-Law.

Current as of 15 Nov 2006 Check with the Secretary for latest version or changes.