Branches – Meetings and Venues

The RVAHJ has Metro and Regional Branches to support its members and offer a range of services and fellowship for honorary justices in in Victoria

All branches welcome Honorary Justices and extend a warm invitation to attend a meeting, join the branch and play a larger part in the life of the community.

To find out more about RVAHJ, being a member and details of the Branch nearest to you contact our office by:
Email: [email protected] or Phone: (03) 9525 7099

Metropolitan Branches

City & Northern
Diamond Valley – visit web page
Dandenong – visit web page 
Mornington Peninsula
Westgate Group – visit web page

Country & Regional Branches

Ballarat – visit web page
Bass Coast
Buloke – visit web page
Central Gippsland Group
South West
Sunraysia – visit web page
Swan Hill – visit web page
Upper Murray
Wimmera – visit web page
Yarra Valley – visit web page

RVAHJ Headquarters

Royal Victorian Association of Honorary Justices PO Box 317, Elwood 3184 53 Broadway, Elwood, 3184 Email: [email protected] Phone: (03) 9525 7099 Fax: (03) 9525 7765

City & Northen Branch

RVAHJ City & Northern Branch

Cranbourne Branch

RVAHJ Cranbourne Branch

Dandenong Branch

RVAHJ Dandenong Branch

Diamond Valley

RVAHJ Diamond Valley Branch

Monash Branch

RVAHJ Monash Branch

Mornington Peninsula

RVAHJ Mornington Peninsula Branch

Sunbury & District Branch

RVAHJ Sunbury & Districts Branch

Westgate Branch

RVAHJ Westgate Branch

Wyndham Branch

RVAHJ Whyndham Branch

Ballarat Branch

RVAHJ Ballarat Branch

Benalla Branch

RVAHJ Benella Branch

Bendigo Branch

RVAHJ Bendigo Branch

Buloke Branch

RVAHJ Buloke Branch

Central Gippsland

RVAHJ Central Gippsland Branch

Geelong Branch

RVAHJ Geelong Branch

North East Victoria Branch

RVAHJ North East Victoria Branch

Bass Coast Branch

RVAHJ Bass Coast Branch

South West Branch

RVAHJ South West Branch

Sunbury Branch

RVAHJ Sunbury Branch

Sunraysia Branch

RVAHJ Sunraysia Branch

Upper Murray Branch

RVAHJ Upper Murray Branch

Wellington Branch

RVAHJ Wellington Branch

Wimmera Branch

RVAHJ Wimmera Branch

Yarra Valley Branch

RVAHJ Yarra Valley Branch
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