The Board of the Association wishes to recognise outstanding commitment and service to the association and the community through a series commendations and service awards. The system of commendations and service awards has been designed to record and recognise individual contributions to the association and its community through the outstanding voluntary service of our members and like minded individuals and organisations.

Our system of Honours and Awards has been designed to be:

  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Totally transparent
  • Fastidiously fair
  • Achievable by ordinary, hard working members
  • Relevant to Honorary Justice work
  • Consistent wit coparable Awards


The purpose of this document is to detail the honours and awards system maintained by the association and designates the roles and responsibilities for implementing the system



  • Life member
  • Fellowship (FRVAHJ)
  • Meritorious Service Award
  • Certificate of Appreciation
    (Organisations/Individuals non member)

Other Certificates

  • Membership Certificate (ordinary, associate and honorary)
  • Branch Charter (branch formation)

Awards – Recognition Certificates

  • Service Awards (individual duty), starting at 5 yrs and then every 5 yrs increment
  • Branch & Board Office Holders (individual position)
  • Training certificates
    for both ‘Attendance & Qualified (completion)’

Awards Brochure & Nomination Form


The Membership Committee is responsible for the operating the commendation and service award system on behalf of the board.

The membership committee will convene an award subcommittee to consider all submission for commendations bestowed by the association. The committee will consist of no less than three (3) and no more than five (5) ordinary members of the association. The sub committee will meet as required but no less than annually to consider any nominations, the operations of the awards system and to make recommendations to the board on improvements or other changes it thinks are necessary in the commendation and award system.

The approval levels of the system are

Awards – subcommittee endorsement by membership committee

Other Certificates – subcommittee endorsement by executive and board

Honours – subcommittee endorsement by the full board

The subcommittee will review all submissions for commendations against the boards published criteria.

The subcommittee will submit to the executive committee such nominations for commendations as it considers meet the criteria and are worthy of consideration for review by the executive. Recommendations for Commendation awards must be unanimous

The executive will review the nominations and forward to the board all nominations it has unanimously decided worthy of the commendation.

The subcommittee will deal with and approve recognition certificates by authenticating the criteria and forwarding the certificate for appropriate signature. The subcommittee will cause the appropriate recognition certificates to be produced after examining the relevant records in accordance the criteria with in a timely fashion.

The subcommittee will call for nominations for all commendation awards in a timely manner and promulgate boards eligibility criteria for nominations and the attendant process for deciding on the recipients.

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