About Our Team

The RVAHJ Board of Management

The RVAHJ is governed through an elected Board of Directors.

The Directors in turn elect a President who selects Committee Chairs to serve at the pleasure of the board.

The Committee chairs enjoin members of the association to staff the committees and carry out the tasks of the committees on behalf of the board.

Officers of the Association

Paul Mracek JP

Committee Chair : Board & Training
Branch liaison : Monash
Joined Board: 2011
Appointed Justice of the Peace : 2003
Email : pres@rvahj.org.au

Geoff Legge JP

Immediate Past President & CFO
Committee : Executive
Branch liaison: Dandenong, South Gippsland
Joined Board: 2011
Appointed Justice of the Peace: 2003
Email : ipp@rvahj.org.au

Rodney Lavin JP

Vice President
Committee Member : Executive
Branch liaison : Central Gippsland, Wellington
Joined Board: 2014
Appointed Justice of the Peace : 1993
Email : vicep@rvahj.org.au

Cathy Owens JP

Admin Officer
Committee Member : Board Secretary
Branch liaison : Supports all branches
Joined RVAHJ: 19xx
Appointed Justice of the Peace : 19xx
Email : admin@rvahj.org.au

Kevin Mackin BJ

Director – Secretary
Committee Member: Training, Fundraising, Custodes Editor, Social Media
Branch liaison : Dandenong
Joined Board: 2020
Appointed Bail Justice :  2016
Email : sec@rvahj.org.au

Directors of the Association

Linda Rainsford BJ

Committee Chair: IT / Website, Membership
Joined Board: 2008
Appointed Bail Justice : 2006
Email : ljrainsford@bigpond.com

Ben Loois JP

Committee Member : Training
Branch liaison : Mornington Peninsular
Joined Board: 2011
Appointed Justice of the Peace :
Email : bernhard.loois@gmail.com

Rhonda Smith JP

Committee Member : Public Relations
Branch liaison : Geelong, South West
Joined Board : 2011
Appointed Justice of the  Justice
Email : rhondasmith48@outlook.com

Norman Wittingslow JP

Committee : Member
Branch liaison : City & Northern
Joined Board: 2008
Appointed Justice of the Peace:
Email : nww8@optusnet.com.au

Andrew Harrington BJ,JP

Committee Member :
Branch liaison : Wimmera
Joined Board: 2017
Appointed Bail &Justice of the Peace:2013/16
Email : andrew@harringtonhomes.com.au

Executive Committee

The purpose of the executive committee is to deal with issues given to it by the board that require deeper or more fuller investigation and provide the full board with recommendations on the issues directed to it

The executive is comprised of the Association namely the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Chief Financial Officer, Immediate Past President and a Member nominated by the President.


Name Position Email
Paul Mracek President pres@rvahj.org.au
Rod Lavin Vice President vicep@rvahj.org.au
Geoff Legge Chief Financial Officer cfo@rvahj.org.au
Kevin Mackin Secretary sec@rvahj.org.au
Geoff Legge Immediate Past President ipp@rvahj.org.au
Vacant Nominated Member  

Education & Training Committee

The purpose of the training committee is to develop, prepare and implement training programmes for the members of the association. The committee is also charged with identifying training issues and needs of the association and developing the courses and training necessary to provide professional accreditation and in service training

The Chairman of the training is Paul Mracek who has seconded the following members to assist. Paul is always looking for members who have expertise in this area to assist or join the committee.


Name Position Email
Paul Marcek Committee Chair training@rvahj.org.au
Ben Loois member bernhard.loois@gmail.com
Kevin Mackin member sec@rvahj.org.au 

Membership Committee

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to RETAIN and EXPAND the Membership.

To accomplish this the Committee will develop, prepare and implement programmes for the members that will increase membership among those eligible, establish and assist branches where necessary. The committee is also charged with identifying future needs of the members and developing programmes and services to meet the members needs.


Name Position Email
Linda Rainsford Committee Chair ljrainsford@bigpond.com
Terry McKay member tpmckay@bigpond.net.au
Paul Thomas member
Nathan Kopel member
Manny Spiteri member