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Power Of Attorney – Take Control Handbook

Take Control Handbook - Office Of Public Advocate

This handbook is designed to provide you with information about the requirements for establishing enduring power of attorneys  and medical advanced care directives for the State of Victoria. It provides a logical step by step procedure as well as the documents required to be filled out to complete these documents as detailed in the respective legislation. The handbook also includes checklists and examples which will be useful when witnessing and attesting the different documents.

You can download a copy of the book by clicking on the link below or through the OPA website. As a starting point it is always strongly suggested that you read the handbook to familiarise yourself with each section so that you can access the information easily. If you are a newly appointed JP, this handbook can be a useful tool to help you become familiar with your role as an independent witness.

Important note: An Information and Referral Contacts list is included in this handbook on page 65.
You can use this list to refer people to other organisations or government departments. Sometimes people it can be confusing as to specifics for certain requests and you can get additional information from the RVAHJ Office in Elwood or one of the other contacts as noted.

Under no circumstances should you give legal advice when you are performing JP duties, even if you have legal knowledge. Providing legal advice in your capacity as a JP is a breach of the Honorary Justice Code of Conduct and may constitute grounds for removal under the Honorary Justices Act 2014. If a customer needs legal advice or some other service, use this list to give the contact details.

Download copy of the Take Control Handbook – Click HereThis will open up for you to a download the file on to your device.
Alternatively you can also download a copy from the OPA website by Clicking here

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