DSC Service Milestones

DSC Service Milestones


The DSC – Document Signing Centres are run by a group of Honorary Justice volunteers. Many have dedicated years of service in the role to support their local communities. Over this time they have attended their local DSC roster group regularly no matter the time, weather or situation, with many having attended hundreds of sessions. This page is to recognise those Honorary Justices who have provided extraordinary service and who we thank them for their dedicated service.

100+ Sessions

Jennifer Bennett

Duncan Cameron

Carolyn Dickinson

Michael Barden

Peter Griffin

Penelope Hodgetts

Harvey Hilary-Taylor

Sandra Lawler

Geoffrey Jones

Geoffrey Quennell

John Clark

Rodney McKenzie

David McMillian

Peter McWilliams

Greg Menzies

Graham Mitchell

Eileen Mosden

Sue McKenzie

Marian Tobin

Kenneth Wright

Peter Gelman

Malcolm Dickson

Martin Sayers

Pauline McDonald

Noel Read

200 + Sessions

Anthony Dal Corobbo

Heather MacGregor

Janine Reid

Robert Reid

Colin Rimington

Anthony Robbins

Alan Bowes

Kevin Fry

Shashi Kochhar

Nallaratna Siva

Lucy Wang

Ian Symons

Cheryl Webb

David Atkinson

Colin Brinkmann

Geoff Harlock

Bernard Reid

300 + Sessions

Trevor Aust

Heather Glossop

Roger Galway

Don Chennery

Wayne B Jones

400 + Sessions

Kevin Edmond

Margaret Harris

Ernest Rowsell

Bernard Kingsley

500 + Sessions

Patrick Mahoney

Geoffrey Lee

600 + Sessions

John Archman

700 + Sessions

Bill Hearn

800 + Sessions

Joe de Souza

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