Help Support Victoria’s Justices of the Peace to expand our:

Online Remote Witnessing Program
& Other Community Services


With this program we can increase and continue to carry on with our important roles, even in times of COVID, providing a no-contact online remote witnessing service and increase our general services to the community. 

The Opportunity

Provide all in the community the opportunity to access ‘Online Remote Witnessing’ and regular witnessing services at no cost for their personal and family needs… such as Statutory Declarations, Affidavits, Powers of Attorney, Proof of Identity  and much more…

Volunteer hours served in 2019

No. of people helped in 2019

No. of documents signed in 2019

Our Story

Founded in 1910, Royal Victorian Association of Honorary Justices is located in our own premises in the Melbourne bayside suburb of Elwood, Victoria.

Royal Victorian Association of Honorary Justices provides Membership, Training and Support services for Honorary Justices along with great customer services to the general public – that provides independence, respect and trust to the community.

Forward Thinking

Providing insights of community needs now and for the future.

Community Support

Dedication to serving the community everyday for there needs

Over 6,300 Documents A Day Makes an Impact

Justices of the Peace have a huge impact in the communities they live in by providing free witnessing, attesting or certifying services of more than 6,300 documents each day of the year for more than 575,000 Victorians. Help us bring this valuable service online remotely.

Make A Real Change In Your Community

Justices of the Peace are dedicated volunteers consistently providing their time, knowledge, experience and services to help make life easier for people.
Help us help them!

How We Help Others

The Association (RVAHJ) helps Justices of the Peace stay up to date with  a comprehensive program of professional development and training together with peer support and information sharing sessions throughout the year.

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