Buloke Branch

Buloke Branch is the area based largley on the Buloke Shire and includes the town’s of:- Ballapur, Banyan, Banyenong, Barrakee, Berriwillock, Bimbourie, Birchip, Birchip West, Boigbeat, Buckrabanyule, Bunguluke, Carron, Charlton, Chirrup, Cokum, Coonooer Bridge, Cope Cope, Corack, Corack East, Culgoa, Curyo, Donald, Dooboobetic, Dumosa, Gil Gil, Glenloth, Glenloth East, Granite Flat, Jeffcott, Jeffcott North, Jeruk, Jil Jil, Kalpienung, Karyrie, Kinnabulla, Laen, Laen East, Laen North, Lake Buloke, Lake Marmel, Lake Tyrrell, Lawler, Litchfield, Marlbed, Massey, Morton Plains, Myall, Nandaly, Nareewillock, Narraport, Ninda, Nine Mile, Nullawil, Nyarrin, Pier Milan, Reedy Dam, Rich Avon, Richmond Plains, Sea Lake, Springfield, Straten, Sutton, Teddywaddy, Teddywaddy West, Terrappee, Thalia, Titybong, Towaninny, Towaninny South, Turriff East, Tyrrell, Tyrrell Downs, Warmur, Warne, Watchem, Watchem West, Watchupga, Whirily, Wilkur, Willangie, Wooroonook, Woosang, Wycheproof, Wycheproof South, Yawong Hills, Yeungroon and Yeungroon East and St Arnaud to the south.


The Shire of Buloke is a local government area in Victoria, Australia, located in the western part of the state. It covers an area of 8,000 square kilometres and, in June 2018, had a population of 6,184. It includes the towns of Birchip, Charlton, Donald, Sea Lake and Wycheproof.





Executive Team

Chair: Ray Walker JP, FRVAHJ.
Vice Chair: Peter Watts JP
Secretary: Garry Larmour JP

New members are always welcome at our Branch. Information sharing sessions are included in the regular meetings where thoughts & ideas are shared between members and support given to all Justices. Please feel free to call Garry on 0409 023 875 or Ray 0417 587 450 to inquire about joining our Branch

Branch Meetings

Meetings are held half yearly in April and October and circulate on a rotation basis within the Shire

Document Signing Stations

Due to the large geographical area of the regional Buloke shire there are no specific document signing stations set up. The geneal public in need of a Justice of the Peace for authorised witnessing will need to make contact directly with JP’s in the area and organise a signing directly with them. 

Please remember that JP’s are volunteers and that they will endeavour to fit those in need in as quickly as possible. 

To find a JP in this areas it is best to go to www.findajp.com.au  

Branch News

Buloke AGM 2020

The members present were from left to right Allan Mills JP, Bev Cook O.A.M. JP(obscured), Flo Andison JP, Wayne Andison, Sandra Harris JP Graeme Harris OAM, Kerryn Tsakonas , Arthur Tsakonas JP. Rear Table from left to right John McConville Guest Speaker, Peter Watts JP, Garry Larmoure JP, Secretary Ray Walker JP FRVAHJ Chairman (Standing) Sue Walker; photographer is John McConville JP

Ray Walker was re-elected Chairman for the fifteenth year in a row.

John McConville is the Chairman of the Donald 2000 committee, and Buloke Shire Citizen of the year for 2020

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