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Supporting the Community

Honorary Justices ( HJ ) confreres are independent, trusted and respected persons with a long history of exceptional community service.  The Royal Victorian Association of Honorary Justices ( RVAHJ ) members are passionate and committed to the law, the community and each other.

Justices of the Peace ( JP ), as part of the broader group of Honorary Justices, uphold the highest standards of excellence in witnessing, certification and independent attestation.   We are Honourable People who hold a special place in the heart of the Victorian community.

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JPs in Action

Become a member of the peak body for HJ’s, the RVAHJ.
Well Respected | Community Minded | Life Experienced 

Take a short trip to find out more about JPs; the history in Australia and what support they are providing to the community as volunteers. Learn about the wide range of documents being witnessed and access to the support network through the RVAHJ.
The flipbook below provides a short overview of JPs in Action and the benefits being offered on joining the RVAHJ.

Benefits of Membership

Our RVAHJ is all about working together for mutual benefit. We rely on each other for advice and guidance and we rely on the RVAHJ to help keep us all together and heading in the same direction. At it’s core, the RVAHJ is all about support and teamwork for the community and all Honorary Justices.

Find out more about membership by checking out the ‘Volunteering Together’ flipbook…

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