Wellington Branch


In  the heart of the beautiful Gippsland region, Wellington Branch includes the towns of Heyfield, Rosedale, Maffra, Sale, Stratford, Coongulla, Newry, Tinamba and Yarram.   The Branch is very active and works hard to support the community.  The members are expert in witnessing and certification services (JP – Justice of the Peace) together with bail and interim accommodation orders (BJ – Bail Justice).  If you need a document witnessed, a copy certified or an affidavit attested, the Wellington JP and BJ team will help.   JPs and BJs  do not charge for their service.

Executive Team

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Branch Meetings

Our Branch meets on Monday evenings at 6:30pm at the Sale RSL and Community Club, 143 York St, Sale.   We welcome all Justices of the Peace and Bail Justices to join us for fellowship, learning and collaboration, plus the occaisional social event.   Our team are good people – friendly and helpful and keen to work with any JPs or BJs in the region, for mutual benefit.

Document Signing Stations

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