RVAHJ Associate Membership (1 Year)


Annual RVAHJ Associate Membership $25 / year

Step 1 – Sign up and pay for membership
Step 2 – Once payment is complete you will be automatically redirected to your profile page where you can update your publicly displayed details.

Membership starts on 1st January and is renewable on 31st December each year, your membership includes subscription of Custodes, eNews & txtNews updates

**Associate Eligibility**

1) You are a retired Honorary Justice as per Victorian legislation and not eligible for Ordinary membership of the RVAHJ
2) You are a JP in any of the States or Territories of the Commonwealth of Australia, other than Victoria
3)  You are or have been a member of the Judicial System
4) You are a person who is engaged in honorary work in the justice field (contact admin for further info)
5) You are a person undergoing training as a Honorary Justice