Important Documents Information Set


This Important Document Information Set provides you with a set of templates that you can use to list down all the important information that is needed by your Attorney or Executor to handle your affairs or estate.
These days we all have so many different types of information needed for accounts, usernames, passwords, etc. that it is hard to remember them all, and have them all in one place for people to easily access when needed whether it be for family or other needs. This important document information set template will help you step through and record all the key pieces of information needed for others provide certainty for your and your family.
A printed copy of the document information set will be sent by mail and a downloadable interactive (in Adobe PDF) is also provided with this product.

Note: This product is something needed by everybody in the community and we are happy to supply this information set to all. Just place an order or drop us a note at [email protected] or call 039525 7099 and we will be in contact with you.

This information set covers the areas of: Personal and family info., relevant wills info., key people to contact when needed, summary of estate info., medical info., historical info., digital info., miscellaneous other info. simple will template and codicil.

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