Ms Nenia Tavrou OAM JP FRVAHJ

Region: Moonee Valley 
Appointed  JP: 15 April 2008
RVAHJ: Moonee Ponds DSS

My Story

I was appointed as a Justice of the Peace on 15th April 2008. Originally something I had never previously considered; it was my work colleagues that kept assuming I was a JP and repeatedly asked for my services that made me consider the position.

Eventually someone who knew my aspirations for voluntary work and learning, persuaded me to look into it further and said he would support me. Since then I have had the opportunity to support my local communities over many years as a JP and was recognised and awarded in 2019 with my FRVAHJ and proudly a Life Member of the Association in 2021.

During my thirty years of paid work as a Project Manager and Family Counsellor, I have fostered many children – both on short term emergency placements and longer-term placements. Over this period of time, I was invited to volunteer in eleven countries:­including Central Africa, Asia, India, and the middle East; incorporating activities such as counselling, teaching, setting up children’s programs, encouraging women, painting and using my Project Management skills.

Back in Australia I have been blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with migrants, the disabled, the young and older folk.

In addition to above, along with helping out at various churches, I was honoured with being presented an Order of Australia in January 2020.

She has since been able to publish various books about her endeavours.

This wealth of experience has assisted her enormously in her JP role which is extremely diverse – both with the types of people she meets and the situations that arise each day.

Nenia Tavrou OAM is a generous person of her time and talents and most people leave with a smile on their face.

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