Mrs Loretta Cormack JP BJ (Retired) FRVAHJ

Region:  Hobsons Bay
Appointed BJ JP: 1975 
RVAHJ: Westgate Roster Group

My Story

Retirement is not yet on my horizon; in fact, I find that I am continually looking forward to what new challenges life will bring.

The year 1975 was a year that I suppose you could say was a life changing year for me, it was a year that I was appointed as a Justice of the peace, it was a year that as a representative and a member of the Sunshine international Women’s year I along with others attended the institute of criminology in Canberra to take part in a conference that inspired me in my service as a JP.

The topics and lectures were given by some of the great minds in Australian legal history, names such as the then Hon. Justice Elizabeth Evatt, Judge Kirby, Attorney General Lionel Bowen and many others who inspired me over the few weeks that I was privileged to spend in their company.

In 1976 a survey report was published by the Sunshine  International Women’s year which included notes from my interview after I had attended the Criminology conference, reading back over these notes I noticed that I had pleaded with women to consider becoming a JP as they were so badly needed in the area, some things have not changed at all.

I needed no permission from an employer for time off to service the local courts as I was self-employed, sometimes sitting with the court Magistrate or in a panel of two or three of my fellow Justices. I served

In the Sunshine court (now demolished and a new building erected) the Footscray court (now closed) and I was one of the last three JPs who sat in court on the last day at Footscray, and sometimes I filled in at Williamstown court, I also heard many remands at the old Williamstown police station which interestingly enough later became the home of a popular police TV show.

I have always been grateful for the opportunity to be part of the legal system, my work at the courts, serving as a Bail Justice (Retired) and as a Justice of the peace for 45 years has enabled me in some small way to be of benefit to my community

Other notable events include…

  • 0wner and Manager transport company 10 years
  • Member of Sunshine International Women’s Year 6 years
  • Appointed as a Civil Celebrant 1977
  • Independent Third Person 9 years
  • Member of Altona City Rotary
  • Member of Westgate RVAHJ group
  • Services to Community Citation by Victoria Police Nov 2019
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