Mr Ron Milne JP 

Region: Diamond Valley 
Appointed  JP: 23 March 1972 
Retired: June 2020 

My Story

I have already found retirement from long time service does not come easily, irrespective of whether one has been associated with community service or ones vocation, & I have found memory has a habit of playing tricks that can be all of satisfaction, sadness, & confusion.

I well remember my induction in 1969 as a JP with several other members of the community, conducted by our Attorney General at the time on the stage of the Supreme Court when as the Officer was about to introduce us to the audience, a late arrival dashed onto the stage – it was my brother who believing he was late, entered a side door of the building & joined  the gathering ( verily temporarily ).

My Certificate states my appointment dated from 17th July, 1969, so service since is well into the 51st year.

Following nomination from the Late Sam Loxton ( the worthy Australian cricketing player & member of our State Parliament ) as a representative for the western side of Melbourne extending to the Mt. Macedon/Kyneton areas, I served with the permission of my employer fortnightly in the Footscray Court, assisting periodically the sitting Court Magistrate & also my fellow Justices in the second Court when not required by the Magistrate.

Subsequent changes to Court procedures in  the 1980’s discontinued that practice, but I was most thankful for the opportunity of seeing at first hand how our laws were administered.

It was during this period I became firstly associated with the Diamond Valley Justice group serving on their committee for several years.  I subsequently became an executive member of our  Council & Treasurer for ten years – my services were subsequently acknowledged in June, 1994, with the presentation of the Ten Year Certificate of Merit Award. Having now served in the Mornington Peninsular region for some time, but in my 88th year, it’s time to retire.

If you wondered what else I filled my time in with, the following may be of interest –

  • Investigating Accountant & Business Consultant – 15 years.
  • Managing Director of Australian Conversion Services Ltd – 22 years.
  • Former Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.
  • Foundation Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors Association.
  • Former Fellow of The Institute of Directors of Australia.
  • Industry representative on several State Wages Boards – ten years.
  • Executive member of Victorian Meat Exporters Association – 5 years.
  • Finance Director Mount Eliza Bowls Club – 4 years.
  • Melbourne/Richmond Cricket Clubs (Captain) – 20 years.
  • President Richmond Cricket Club – 10 years.
  • Share farmed 3700 acres of farmland in Murray Valley region –14 years.
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