Mr Robert Williams JP BJ (Retired) FRVAHJ

Region:  City & Northern Branch
Appointed JP: 1977
Appointed BJ: 1983
RVAHJ: Caroline Springs

My Story

What does one do to be useful when you have plenty of time and want to take on community work that brings great satisfaction in helping your fellowman? Simple, become a Justice of the Peace and this was a new challenge I decided to take on in the year 1977 when I was appointed.

 While living in Melbourne when appointed, I had a fellow Justice who noted when I was successfully sworn in as a Justice of the Peace, and who went on to be my mentor, Mr. Lindsay Hodge. He was well versed in being able to teach others by advising and instructing those who wanted to learn extremely well. A reflection of his skills was that I was very quickly able to sit with him at court on a regular basis. Lindsay Hodge went on to become President of RVAHJ and was granted the title Emeritus by the RVAHJ.

 Sitting at Court at Sunshine, which was a very busy location it wasn’t unusual to spend almost a full day hearing a lot of cases. I have a lot of memories that come to mind of the callouts to various Police Stations in the Western area during the night. I have a range of thoughts from that time with some good and of course some not so good.

 I left Melbourne in 1993 for a better lifestyle while still being active in doing JP & BJ duties at different locations. It was a challenge to always keep alert at night for kangaroo’s, wombats, and cattle on the roads. It certainly made for interesting driving in the dark, but it was always a relief to get back home with no damage to your car. I have been asked often the QUESTION ‘would you do it again?’ and the answer is always ‘YES’.

I have also been involved in preparation for refresher training, that was held at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Latrobe room with Leo King and others. I always enjoyed the opportunity to volunteer and help out as it was great to have the chance in being able to meet with BJ & JPs from other areas.

Memorable Moments

Other notable events include…

  • Presented with AWARD OF MERIT 1999.
  • DSS Coordinator at Caroline Springs.
  • Certificate of appreciation as Bail Justice of Victoria from 1990 to 2009.
  • A shield presented from Sunshine Police in 1993 for service and support through BJ & JP Roster.
  • Currently member of Royal Melbourne Roster for 24 years and received Certificate of Participation 2010.
  • Awarded Centenary Medal 1999/2000.
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