Communication Initiatives

Members Details Update Program

Since the Government has brought in restrictions due to the COVID-19 emergency it was clear that we need to be able to communicate the constant changes as quickly as possible so that the community is aware of where to go and who to see to be able to have documents authorised.  It has been a challenge to provide the updated information to RVAHJ members and at times other Honorary Justices due to incomplete or old contact information on file.  A series of emails, notifications in Custodes, eNews,  text messages and post have been sent out asking for all to review and update this information, so that the association can provide the support and help to those in need.

The level of response has been very limited and we have decided that a different approach is needed and as a result we have engaged a multi-media service to make personal contact with all members to confirm / update or change members contact details. When you receive a call from this service, please note it is not a scam and they will only go over with you about your contact details. This update program will be starting from the 23rd June 2020 and I ask that you please support this initiative to help the association help you. Communication is key to ensuring that you as the association are able to provide the best possible service to your local communities in Victoria.

If you have any questions or clarifications please contact our Elwood office on 03 9525 7099 (Cathy) or by email to: [email protected]

Online Training Rollout – RVAHJ Academy

I am pleased to announce that we have reached the stage of the official rollout of the RVAHJ Training Academy for online training for Authorised Witnesses.

The Training Academy portal at is now ready after completing the testing phase with our training team. The courses are free for members using a coupon code that is available from our Elwood office (Cathy). The online training academy portal has been established to provide all Authorised Witnesses the opportunity to learn at their own pace the key areas required to provide service to the local community as an authorised witness, through an online learning management system (LMS) platform. At the moment the training modules that are available are as follows:

  • Certified True Copies
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Assessing Capacity
  • Voluntary Assisted Dying
  • AHPRA Document Witnessing.

To access the course will require that each person / member will have to register their details to enroll into the training, as it is a different platform to the normal RVAHJ website (,  as those details were not rolled over the training portal in line with privacy guidelines.

Additional modules that are next on the schedule to be created in order of priority are:

  • COVID-19 Safe Practices
  • Affidavits
  • Powers of Attorney / Medical Care Directives

If you have any questions or clarifications about the Training Academy please contact our Elwood office on 03 9525 7099 (Cathy) or by email to: [email protected]

These are 2 major initiatives that are needed to ensure that we are providing the community of Victoria with the service that the deserve as volunteers and authorised witnesses.

Paul Mracek JP RVAHJ
President, RVAHJ


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