Roadmap To Reopening – National Plan Phase B

The Victorian Government has recently announced that Essential or Authorised Workers are required to be vaccinated starting from approximately the 3rd week of October. This announcement included volunteers to be also part of the mandatory vaccination directive. Honorary Justices (HJ) were specifically mentioned in the communication that was sent out.

The Department of Health is recommending the need for mandatory vaccination of this group so as to ensure the health and safety of these volunteers as well as their families. This is expected to reduce further the spread of the Coronavirus in the community.  As a result the HJSS (Honorary Justices Services Support) have recently released a communication (below) outlining the Mandatory Vaccination Policy for HJs.

The RVAHJ position is that health and safety for all Honorary Justices (HJs) is paramount and that we should comply with the HJSS & Health Department guidelines at all times, including vaccinations. In dealing with a wide range of people from the community HJs are exposed to more possible infection situations than others and taking all health and safety precautions is important and necessary.

With the announcement that restrictions are being lifted we are hearing that some DSS are starting to be approached about reopening. These locations have already had the venues, such as Police Stations, Community centres, etc. ask about compliance with the above guidelines on vaccination levels as per Victorian Health guidelines and the national roadmap plan as we had expected. The HJSS communication below outlines the steps needed to ensure that these supporting venues have the required information that will facilitate DSS to reopen as soon as possible.

As we have all done since 2020 with the start of the pandemic and have seen how resilient all HJs are and adapt their approach to continue to support their local communities. This is just another
step for us all as we look to finally reopen up our communities, State, and the Country.  Once again, we thank all JPs and BJs for your incredible commitment to the local community during
this difficult time.

Please keep up the great work and above all things, stay safe and look after yourself and your family.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Mracek JP FRVAHJ
President, RVAHJ

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