Dear All,
As we all know the Covid 19 virus is a significant concern for all in the community as well as Justices located at Document Signing Stations and various other locations.
It is important that we provide some additional information on this for the safety of all of us that are constantly making contact with various members of the general public.

Please find attached a Advice sheet with some additional handouts on the ‘Ten ways to reduce your risk of coronavirus’ and ‘How to hand wash and rub hands’ that we have been provided by various people and sources, which we thankful for their help.

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Click on the following link to download a pdf version of the Full 5 Page Handout’.
RVAHJ Honorary Justice Covid-19 Advice -Handouts

Please use this as some additional helpful information. If you have any questions please contact our office to assist.

Kind regards,

Paul Mracek JP FRVAHJ
President, RVAHJ

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