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As Honorary Justices are volunteers focused on serving their local community with in Victoria, it is no surprise that the same people are active in supporting an number of other not for profit organisations.
One such organisation is Court Network who’s vision and mission are:

Court Network Vision

To provide the community with volunteers who stand beside, empower and instill confidence in all court users.

Court Network Mission

To provide support, information and referral to people attending court and to advocate for the needs of all court users.

With the constant changes to services due to the COVID-19 virus we provide the following updated information as a service for those in need of attending court…

The Court Network Telephone Service provides free, confidential support, information and referral for all court users (victims, witnesses, accused, family and friends) during business hours Monday to Friday.
 The service will be staffed exclusively by our volunteers (Networkers) and will replace the face to face Networker model (during the COVID-19 restrictions). If successful, we will maintain this service post COVID-19 restrictions to complement Networker services on an ongoing basis.

The Court Network Telephone Service at a glance
There are 12 telephone lines/menu options in total.  When the caller comes through from our new toll-free 1800 571 239 number, they will be re-routed via the Optus Loop Mobile Application to the mobile number of a Networker, who will be waiting at the end of each line to receive those calls and provide assistance. The lines are as follows:

Victoria:                                                                                                               Queensland:

  1. Magistrates’ Court (3 lines)                                                              1. Domestic Family Violence Desk
  2. Federal Circuit Court & Family Court                                             2. All jurisdictions (4 lines)
  3. Supreme Court, County Court & Coroner’s Court
  4. VCAT
  5. Children’s Court

The Court Network Telephone Service will, as much as possible, replicate the current face to face service (with some limitations) and assist callers in the following ways:

  • Provide support and information about what happens before, during or after court
  • Explain how the courts and legal systems operate
  • Inform court users about how to best contact various courts and tribunals
  • Assist court users to get the help they need to address their safety issues
  • Help to arrange access to a secure room if required
  • Provide court users with up to date information on new arrangements for court since the COVID-19
  • Provide court users with referrals to legal services in your area
  • Refer court users to services to assist them to fill out and submit orders and paperwork
  • Talk to court users on their day of court either before or after their matter has been heard
  • Help court users to understand the next steps that they might have to take
  • Refer court users to an appropriate service that could assist them with issues such as housing, domestic violence and mental health.

For any additional information you can visit the following website:

Click image to download resource

Brought to you by: RVAHJ Community Service

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