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Special Announcement

Update 19th December 2020:  With the starting of summer holidays there will be a change in the availability of Honorary Justices ( BJ’s & JPs) for witnessing and signing of documents. Many Document Signing Stations (DSS) close for the festive season and summer holiday period. This will be different for each location and we recommend to check availability first. The DSS  operate under the guidelines required by the supporting venues and organisations, e.g. Police Stations, Community Libraries, etc. throughout Victoria. 

Our  ‘Online JP Remote Witnessing Service’, that has been operating during the Covid restrictions will be closed from 19th December 2020 and reopen on 4th January 2021 with a limited timetable for operating days and hours over the the summer holidays. Please review the webpage below for updated details for operating hours during weekdays. You can book a session online by going to and follow the prompts. You can also access this page from the RVAHJ Homepage. If you are in urgent need please contact us by email at: or by leaving a message on our contact page.

Even with the latest COVID-19 restrictions announced by the Governments that has given more freedom of movement throughout the state, there are still a number of guidelines that have to be meet so as to ensure the safety  for all, i.e. use of face masks, social distancing and recording of contact details.

The Elwood Head Office will be closed for the Summer Holiday from 11th December 2020 until 19th January 2021. If you need any further assistance or details please contact the office by email at: rather than by telephone.

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