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Special Announcement

Update 24th August 2020:  Due to new COVID-19 restrictions being introduced of Stage 3 – Regional & Stage 4 – Metropolitan Melbourne all  Document Signing Stations (DSS) in Melbourne Metropolitan area are remaining closed.

To assist with the needs of those in the community who need an authorised witness, we have started a ‘Online JP Remote Witnessing Service’, which is operating Monday to Friday, from 10am-12pm; 2pm-4pm and 6pm-8pm. You can book a session online by going to and follow the prompts. You can also access this page from the RVAHJ Homepage. 

This service will remain available while the Elwood Head Office is closed in line with Stage 4 Guidelines from the 6th August 2020, if you need any further details please contact the office by email at: until further notice.

In regional Stage 3 – areas ONLY a limited number of DSS and some individual JP’s may provide reduced services; and we strongly recommend that you contact them first for an appointment. These are temporary arrangement that are inline with Government guidelines. We know that this is a difficult time and our thanks for your continued patience and understanding when contacting  JP’s who provide their time and service as volunteers.