Life Membership Awards

The award of Life Membership is the most prestigious award that the association bestows on a member and quite rightly is not given out very often. In fact since inception there have been only 23 Life memberships awarded which roughly equals two in each decade.

The criteria and evaluations are most rigorous as one would expect for such an award and are not easily satisfied. All criterions must be met, and the award must be supported unanimously by the Full Board of Directors of the Association.


Year Member Citation
1960     I.S. Brookman  
1970            E. Chapman  
1974                 W.G. Tuck  
1975                      G.R. Westbrook  
1976                     H. Spigelman  
1977                     M. Mantello  
1979 J.M. Sandell  
1982                      F.R. Power  
1985           J.B. Howie  

H.J. Crowhurst  
1987                      B.J. Latimer  
1988                 K.A. Dowling O.A.M.  
1990          Wg. Cdr. C.J. Challis D.F.C. R.F.D. A.E.  

L.R. Hodge O.A.M.  
1991          M.R. Anderson  

J.W. Rae  
1995                   P.F. McAdam  
1996 F.T. Kent  


Miss M.E. Brown  
 2000 M.J.M. Cheshire  
 2004 D.L. King  
 2005 K.E.Frampton