Award of Merit

The Associations second most prestigious award it is also not given without careful analysis of the recipient’s bonafides. The award is meant to reward members of the association for meritorious service on behalf of the association. The service may take into account furthering particular aims or programs but requires overall level of excellence of service at a very high of accomplishment.

This award is recognition of a member’s long standing commitment and service to the association that is readily recognised by fellow members as exemplary and has produced a consistent benefit over and above normal service expectations.


Year Member Citation
1976 J. Cato  
L. Dibble  
1977 J. Hanna  
C.F. Strachan  
1978 W.J. Giblett  
J. Lees  
1979 J.J. Thompson  
Mrs G. Shipston  
CT. Goode  
1980 T. Oliver  
R.T. Guy  
G.B. Richmond  
1981 F.R. Power  
J.B. Howie  
1982 E.A. Richards  
H.M. Cartwright  
1983 Mrs A.A. Ely  
Mrs I.M. Hollister  
J. Bancroft  
1984 B.F. Beer  
A.G. Ebbott  
N.A. Woods  
J.R. Lester  
1985 A.R. Blair  
D.J. Baxter  
1987 Cr. C.C.E. Gahan O.A.M.  
M.R. Anderson  
1988 Mrs R.D. Kline  
1989 G.A. Walter M.B.E.  
1990 F.C. Straub  
1991 W. Monagle  
1993 Miss M.E. Brown  
1994 R.A. Milne  
1995 M.J.M. Cheshire  
1996 O.W.A. Beech  
1999 Mrs D.G. McMillan  
Mrs J.V. Scott  
P.J. Heap  
F.T. Kent  
J. Taylor O.A.M.  
Mrs W.M. Vears O.A.M.  
R.F.M. Williams  
P.F. Wood  
2000 D.L. King  
L.C. Taig  
P.A.A. Spencer  
T.E. Worthington  
2001 B.E. Irving  
2002 D.J. Ferguson  
2003 K.E.Frampton  

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