Victorian Legislation



Bail Justices

Bail Act 1977


Repeal Sect 4.2(c)

The second reading explains the amendment to the Bail Act by removing section 4.2(c), which is the provision relating to a defendant who is in custody for not answering bail. and has to show that their own actions did not cause the fact that you failed to answer bail.



Commonwealth Legislation


Anti Terrorism Act 2004



Bail Justices


Justices of the Peace

Proposed amendments to improve Australia's counter-terrorism legal framework.

The Bill amends the following Acts:

(a)       to amend Part 1C of the Crimes Act 1914 by permitting the fixed investigation period applying to the investigation of federal terrorism offences to be extended by a maximum of 20 hours if judicially authorised and subject to all the existing procedural safeguards enshrined in Part 1C

(b)       to amend Part 1C of the Crimes Act 1914 by permitting the authorities to reasonably suspend or delay questioning of a person arrested for a terrorism offence to make inquiries in overseas locations that are in different time zones to obtain information relevant to that terrorism investigation

(c)       to amend the Crimes ( Foreign Incursions and Recruitment) Act 1978 to enhance the foreign incursions offences, particularly in situations where terrorist organisations are operating as part of the armed forces of a state

(d)       to amend the Criminal Code Act 1995 to strengthen the counter-terrorism legislation relating to membership of terrorist organisations and the offence of providing training to or receiving training from a terrorist organisation, and

(e)       to amend the Proceeds of Crime

Relevant sections of the Crimes Act 1914 for Justices